Interesting Recycling Facts



Interesting facts on recycling that you probably didn’t know. 

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Alam Flora Rebranded



Not everyone would have noticed this, but over the past months Alam Flora has rebranded itself. They have changed their corporate logo, revamped the website and deployed brand new spanking trucks. We are very pleased with their new look which visualizes a  more modern look.

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Top 10 Coolest Waste & Recycle Bins

Ovetto Bin

We have gathered a selection of the coolest waste and recycle bins out there and made a top 10 list. Some are really practical and some are just a bit over the top.

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Recycle Bin with solar panels

Perstorp Solar PanelA new type of recycling bin will be coming to Malaysia soon. It will not be your typical recycling bin as this one will come equipped with solar panels that generate electricity to power the lights for the billboard surrounding the bin.

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