Red December

X’mas is almost here, so we decided to showcase some of our red bins in conjunction with the festive season.  Here are three different customized MGB120L – Two Wheel Bins.


MGB120L Wheel bin, Perstorp, wheelie bin

MGB120L Two Wheel Bin: 100Plus

MGB120L Wheel bin, wheelie bin

 MGB120L Two Wheel Bin: Air Asia

MGB120L Wheel Bins, Wheelie bin

MGB120L Two Wheel Bin: Coca Cola 

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle




Reduce, Reuse, Recycle — Three great ways YOU can eliminate waste and protect the environment. Waste, and how we choose to handle it, affects our world’s environment and that’ means YOUR environment.

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New vs. Old.

As any developing country striving to achieve  a status of a developed nation. There is one sector that is most often kept in the shadow and is overlooked. We beg the question is it just ignorance or is it that no one wants to take irresponsibility of making a change.

Below  is our overview on how Malaysia has fallen behind when it comes to waste management. Central waste bins placed in apartments in condominiums paint an ugly picture that sores anyone’s eye. People living in apartments which uses these old metal leech bins have to face this ugly site each day.

Water which accumulates in the rubbish will spread Dengue mosquito. The open and exposed  rubbish attracts millions of flies and the stench will be unbearable for the people. Its time to make a change and move forward. We at Perstorp hope that this diagram will be simple enough for people and leaders to realise that change is needed.


4-Wheel Bin Alternative

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Perstorp bins in Putrajaya

Perstorp is proud to be the main supplier of wheel bins in Putrajaya in preparations for the annual Himpunan Belia Negara. This years event will hope to achieve a gathering of over a million youths. Packed with an intensive schedule of concerts, fashion show, parades and not to forget the numerous food stalls available. .


Alam Flora which handles the waste collection in Putrajaya was happy to know that all the 120 liter and 660 liter bins were deployed ahead of schedule to ensure a smooth flowing event, and did not need to worry about the abundance of waste



All bins supplied to Putrajaya were customized with Alam Flora stickers on the front side of each bin. The delivery of the bins took not more then a day and half which amounted to a total of 1200 units all together.

We at Perstorp hope that the people attending the event will take notice of the well placed bins located through the area and  would serve its purpose.

For more information about the Himpunan Belia 2012, please log on the following link:


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