Office Recycling Bin Solution


Perstorp has a large range of recycling bins designed for offices, factories, schools, hospital, universities and public buildings.

Our Office recycling bins can add real value to your service, encouraging participation and collection through innovative products.Here are some of our top selling recycling bins for offices in Malaysia and Singapore. Please click on the individual images for more details.

PSM20 General Bin

Desk Bin, waste bin







RMP 4090/RSB4090

RMP4090 Recycle bins


Perstorp recycle bin set

 RB825S Recycling Set 











Perstorp Recycle bin










Perstorp Recycle Bin











PLZ-90 Recycle Set 

PLZ-90-Recycke-Set of 4










 PTF-75 Recycling Set




PTL-60B Recycling Set

Perstorp Recycle Bin







R825S Recycling Bin Set of 2



PJS-40 Recycling Bin Set

Recycling Bins










RBC409S Stainless Steel Recycling Set 




















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