Recycle Bin with solar panels

Perstorp Solar PanelA new type of recycling bin will be coming to Malaysia soon. It will not be your typical recycling bin as this one will come equipped with solar panels that generate electricity to power the lights for the billboard surrounding the bin.

The bins, which each weigh 110kg have been a hit in Abu Dhabi, have three slots: one for plastic,second for cans and a third for paper. The angled tops of the units are fitted with solar panels, which collect energy during the day and light up adverts on the side panels at night.

Perstorp solar panel recycle bin

Its a perfect installment for shopping malls with outdoor areas.

Advertising space can be rented out to companies who wishes to advertise their products, day and night.

We will be posting more updates on this new and exciting bins once they hit the streets of Malaysia.

Perstorp solar panel recycle bin2



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