Clinical Waste Bin

We have an extensive range of clinical waste bins to suit all the hospital and clinics needs. Ranging from wheel bins to pedal bins, sharp bins and pedal bins.  We have been working together with clinical waste collectors for many years and understand the strict requirement set by the government. Therefore all our clinical bins […]

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Customised Bins

At Perstorp we offer full customisation of the each bin that we have in our line up. Add your own company logo, add additional text or even have it in multiple languages.        

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Shopping Mall Waste Bins

At Perstorp we recognize the need for efficient waste management in shopping malls, but at the same time having modern and ergonomically designed bins.           MP4080 MetalPlas General Waste Bins      SS4076 & SS4090 Stainless Steel Waste Bins   AS-BOWL Stainless Steel Waste Bins    

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Waste Bins for Hotels and F&B

We at Perstorp understand the needs for hotels and the F&B industry to keep their kitchens and workplace areas clean. As they are governed by strict rules from the health and safety department. Therefore our bins are all made with the highest quality HDPE and stainless steel to ensure it meets the requirements set by the health and […]

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Industrial & Factory Bins

We at are Perstorp Sdn. Bhd. are pleased to support the greater cause of making our earth a greener place by recycling. Here are some of our popular bins that are used in the industrial sectors for recycling purposes.     Ro-Ro Bins                  RSB64100 -Recycle Set   […]

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