MGB 660 Four wheel Bin

MGB 660 Four wheel Bin The MGB 660 Four-wheel bin is manufactured to the highest standards using the most recent production techniques and conform to European standard EN 840. Made from high quality polyethylene, the bins have been rigorously tested to withstand UV radiation, extreme weather conditions and chemical resistance. All of the bin components […]

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MGB660MW Four-wheel Medical Waste Bin

The MGB660MW is a variance of the popular MGB660 Four-wheel Waste Bin that has been specially designed to handle bio hazard and medical waste. The bins are manufactured using the highest quality HDPE  and are made in accordance to DIN 30740 and EN840. Logos and text on the bins can be customised accordingly to suit the customers […]

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Alam Flora Rebranded

  Not everyone would have noticed this, but over the past months Alam Flora has rebranded itself. They have changed their corporate logo, revamped the website and deployed brand new spanking trucks. We are very pleased with their new look which visualizes a  more modern look.

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New vs. Old.

As any developing country striving to achieve  a status of a developed nation. There is one sector that is most often kept in the shadow and is overlooked. We beg the question is it just ignorance or is it that no one wants to take irresponsibility of making a change. Below  is our overview on how Malaysia […]

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Perstorp bins in Putrajaya

Perstorp is proud to be the main supplier of wheel bins in Putrajaya in preparations for the annual Himpunan Belia Negara. This years event will hope to achieve a gathering of over a million youths. Packed with an intensive schedule of concerts, fashion show, parades and not to forget the numerous food stalls available. .   Alam Flora […]

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