Top 10 Coolest Waste & Recycle Bins

Ovetto Bin

We have gathered a selection of the coolest waste and recycle bins out there and made a top 10 list. Some are really practical and some are just a bit over the top.

1.Touch-less Waste Bin 

As most of us know waste bins are dirty, well not all the time but they are always dirty in our minds. Therefore most people would rather not touch the bins, well here is the perfect solution. The touch-less waste bin with motion sensor that will automatically open the lid when you wave your hand in front of the bin and close automatically when you are done.

2.Bar-code Waste Bin


Let’s face it. We should all be recycling. What used to be simple “metal goes here, paper goes there, and plastic goes in over there,” is now a bit more complicated. If you look for the recycling symbol on most packaging, it’s often filled with a number value. It denotes what can and cannot be recycled. That’s where the Barcode Trashcan comes in. It makes being “green” a lot easier. There’s one bin for each type of recyclable material. Just swipe the item in question over the top and the bin that opens is your winner. Easy breezy covergirl for real! By designer Woo Seok Park

3.  Star Wars R2-D2 Waste Bin

R2D2 waste Bin Starwars

The perfect bin for Star Wars fans, R2-D2 will help you keep your room clean from trash and be a hit among your friends. We don’t think it will be a hit with the ladies sadly.

4. Medieval Helm Waste Bin

medieval Bin

The waste bin which is designed to look like a 12th century medieval helm looks really cool and would be a great hit with the kids.

5. Self Expanding Waste Bin 

Expandin Bin

These minimalist designed bins are a great feature for the minimalist home. It also expands as more rubbish you place in it which makes taking out the rubbish less frequently.

6. Ovetto Bin 

Ovetto Bin

Italian architect Gianluca Soldi, who is deeply involved in environmental issues, designed the Ovetto Bin, little egg in Italian,  to make recycling easier and more organized, offering three segregated divisions for your different types of recycling. Each compartment has a door for bag removal and a lid for dropping waste, as well as different colours to remember which waste to put in. Would probably be even better to have a label because not everyone remembers what each color represent. (link)

7. Garbage Pin

Garbage pin

The Garbage Pin by Portuguese designer Ana Cardim turns your daily bits of trash into jewelry. Not sure how many people out there would be so concerned about waste to actually be wearing a waste bin on them

8. Armstrong Bin

Armstrong Bin


This Sukwon Park & Sungwoo Park design is intended to compress the volume of garbage we produce each day. The name Armstrong Bin derives from the first man who stomped on the moon, just like you are going to stomp on your first garbage. The Armstrong waste bin aims to be the first cleverly named step in reducing the space taken by the garbage we just can’t stop making.

9. Minus Waste Bin

Minus Bin

Don’t trick yourself! There’s no cure for smelly food. This pail right here thinks it is hot stuff. It’s called the “Minus” and it’s basically cold hearted. Open the lid, place a banana peel inside, close, click shut, set temp, and press go. Coldness. Do not drop your pop cans in here unless they are all the way empty. It is also probably not a good place for dead animals. The bin was conceptualized by Cem Tutuncuoglu from Turkey.

10. Gold Plated Trash Can 

Designed by Sylvie Fleur, it is Gold Waste Binin real gold. There are only 25 pieces worldwide. With a minimum purchase of $15,000, you can place this precious junk at your own house and be very certain that it will remain at the exact spot the next morning. Okay, it won’t make your life easier but how cool is trash made entirely of gold.

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