Waste Bins for Hotels and F&B

We at Perstorp understand the needs for hotels and the F&B industry to keep their kitchens and workplace areas clean. As they are governed by strict rules from the health and safety department. Therefore our bins are all made with the highest quality HDPE and stainless steel to ensure it meets the requirements set by the health and safety officials.

Here is a list of recommended bins which we believe will suit hotels and restaurants perfectly.

1. MGB120L Two Wheel Bin+ Step-On

Perstorp MGB120 Stepon waste bin

MGB120L Twoo Wheel Bin + Step-On














2. Stainless Pedal Bins 

Perstorp stainless steel pedal bins

Stainless Steel Pedal Bins












3. RB-825S Recycle Set

Perstorp Recycle BIn malaysia

Stainless Steel Recycle Set









4. PLZ-90 Recycle Set

Perstorp Recycle Set

Plastic+stainless steel recycle set









5. PTL-60B Swing Top Bin


Plastic swing top bin
































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