Clinical Waste Bin

We have an extensive range of clinical waste bins to suit all the hospital and clinics needs. Ranging from wheel bins to pedal bins, sharp bins and pedal bins.  We have been working together with clinical waste collectors for many years and understand the strict requirement set by the government. Therefore all our clinical bins […]

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Create a Better Vibe With Perstorp Bins.

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MGB 660 Four wheel Bin

MGB 660 Four wheel Bin The MGB 660 Four-wheel bin is manufactured to the highest standards using the most recent production techniques and conform to European standard EN 840. Made from high quality polyethylene, the bins have been rigorously tested to withstand UV radiation, extreme weather conditions and chemical resistance. All of the bin components […]

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MGB 1100 Four-wheel Bin

MGB 1100 Four-wheel Bin The MGB 1100 Four-wheel Bin,  high quality wheelie bin made out of a high quality HDPE. The lid and body and wheels have solid rubber wheels meaning they are very hard wearing and also prevent damage by preventing shocks to the chassis. These bins are perfect for material handling and waste […]

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MGB120 Two-wheel Bin

MGB120 Two-wheel Bin The MGB120 Two-wheel Bin is the most popular bin for households in Malaysia and Europe. Manufactured to highest quality HDPE according to DIN 30740 and EN840 • To be emptied by tipping over a toothed rim as a standard feature • Manufactured from new material only • Resistant to UV, cold, heat and […]

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MGB240 Two-wheel Bin

MGB240 Two-wheel Bin The MGB240 Two-wheel Bin is a popular choice for both households and commercials in Malaysia and in Europe. Manufactured using the highest quality HDPE  and is made in accordance to DIN 30740 and EN840.   • Perstorp’s two wheel bin are manufactured according to DIN 30700 / EN 840 • To be emptied by […]

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RSS600P-Trio Stainless Steel Recycling Bin

The RSS600P-Trio Stainless Steel Recycling Bin can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are suitable for places like entrances to buildings, atrium, lift lobbies, hypermarkets, shopping centers, food courts, hotels, clubhouses, swimming pools, landscape areas, etc. Dimensions : 600 (L) x 400 (W) x 800 (H) mm Stainless Steel : Type 304 Suitable for both outdoor & indoor […]

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Customised Bins

At Perstorp we offer full customisation of the each bin that we have in our line up. Add your own company logo, add additional text or even have it in multiple languages.        

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Stainless Steel Q-Up Stand

An elegant stainless steel Q-Up stand with self retractable belt. Featuring a 2-meter long belt and comes with weighted base in order to ensure that the Q-Up stand will not move around easily. These Q-Up stands are suitable for banks, government offices, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, convention centres, etc. Dimension (mm): Pole 65 (D) x 950 […]

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LB1500 Metal Leach Bin

LB1500 Metal Leach Bin The LB1500 Metal Leach Bin specifications Capacity : 1500 litres Dimensions : 1600 (L) x 1340 (W) x 1150 (H) mm Material: Metal      

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