Clinical Waste Bin

We have an extensive range of clinical waste bins to suit all the hospital and clinics needs. Ranging from wheel bins to pedal bins, sharp bins and pedal bins.  We have been working together with clinical waste collectors for many years and understand the strict requirement set by the government. Therefore all our clinical bins (medical bins) are used widely in all government hospitals, private medical centres and clinics throughout Malaysia.



MGB240 MWL  Medical Waste Bins 

MGB240 Two Wheel Medical Waste Bin


Our MGB240WL is made using the highest quality of HDPE in order to eliminate the possibility of leakages and is suitable for large disposal of clinical and medical waste. We have also made further improvements by having the option to have 2 safety locks of the bins in order to avoid any accidental spills during transportation.










Sharp Waste Bins 

Sharp bins are designed with safety in mind, for disposing all types of sharp objects and devices such syringes, needles, scalpels etc. Sharps Containers are manufactured according to British Standards BS EN ISO 23907:2012 and are approved by SIRIM QAS Sdn Bhd under the Product Certification Scheme 1971. All medical and healthcare institutions are also required by law to dispose all sharps in proper sharps containers. Improper disposal can result in both civil and commercial penalties. This patented product is safely used in various medical environment. We provide different sizes of Sharps Containers that suit your requirement.





















Our sharp bins comes in 4 different sizes listed below:

No Item Description
1 2.5 Litre Sharp Waste Bin
2 5.0 Litre Sharp Waste Bin
3 10.0 Litre Sharp Waste Bin
4 20.0 Litre Sharp Waste Bin


Pedal Bins 

Our pedal operated bins are are ideal for clinic or hospital and ensures that there is a complete hands free operation. This ensures a hygienic working environment for hospital and clinic staff. The bins are are made using HDPE which ensures a longer lifetime and also ease of cleaning.

Medical Waste Bin












MGB660MWL – Wheel Bin 



The MGB660MWL is the largest in our clinical waste bin range which is made for larger hospitals and medical centres. These bins can also be equipped with locks to prevent any forms of leakage and tempering during transportation. Custom numbering and logos can also be made according to meet the requirements of the client.

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